About Trees Canadensis

Gillies Grove BeechesThis site is about Canada’s native trees and forest shrubs with an emphasis on those found in Eastern Ontario.  Our intention is to:

  • provide detailed information and photographs about native trees and forest shrubs to educate and raise awareness;
  • create an appreciation of special trees and tree areas in Eastern Ontario, from urban locations to rural and wilderness properties;
  • provide an on-line guide to publicly accessible locations, especially those with unusual, notable, or rare trees and shrubs;
  • encourage the planting of regionally appropriate native species, particularly those that have become rare; and
  • support population metrics and health monitoring of rare native species.

The intended audiences are:

  • Field naturalists, botanists, ecologists.
  • Casual walkers, nature enthusiasts, and hikers.
  • Landowners, gardeners, land trusts, and stewards of natural areas.