In Search of Ontario Red Spruce – Part 2

By Owen Clarkin

23 February 2020

Rockland Area, on Clark Road

iNaturalist Observation 39116940 (O. Clarkin).

A new and possibly isolated population has been discovered near Rockland!  I saw at least 3 or 4 trees which looked to be Red Spruce within a general area, but only one of them was close enough to the public road to photographically “prove” this claim:


This Rockland-area population is approximately 10km or more northwest from the nearest Ontario Red Spruce which I have seen in person, which were also discovered today (discussed below).

The rest of the Red Spruces found today were within relatively close proximity to each other, and in the same general area as the first two populations of Red Spruce discovered two weeks ago.  The findings from today and two weeks ago appears to confirm that there is an extensive population of the species located in the large forest between Plantagenet and Saint-Pascal-Baylon, with Red Spruces observed east of County Road 19, from approximately Concession 5 to Concession 7.  West of County Road 19 there is basically no road network as the land is apparently wetter; presumably this area also has Red Spruce present but I have not to date accessed this land.

Three, non-Rockland populations were found today:

Population 2, near the intersection of County Road 19 and Concession 5

iNaturalist Observation 39118726 (O. Clarkin).
Close-up of same tree (O. Clarkin).







Population 3, on Sarazin Street near Concession 6

These trees are essentially an extension of the “Population 1” discovered two weeks ago (see In Search of Ontario Red Spruce – Part 1).

iNaturalist Observation 39120796 (O. Clarkin).
iNaturalist Observation 39120571 (O. Clarkin).







Population 4, Concession 7

iNaturalist Observation 39121860 (O. Clarkin).

One isolated and healthy-looking early-maturity tree was discovered along Concession 7.

Surely one could find more trees in this general area, especially if leaving the road network or exploring the wetter region west of County Road 19.  But I am pretty satisfied with these results, I feel this is pretty comprehensive already and would like to now give a similar half-day treatment to the other target forests.