Places are areas worth visiting to see specific species and/or special woodlands that showcase a range of species.  For example, the town of Almonte hosts a significant population of Black Maples as street trees while Trillium Woods in Kanata is a climax forest of Sugar Maple and Beech.

Alan Gordon Acadian Forest – a 145 acre Hemlock-dominated old growth forest at Leitrim and Anderson Roads with Ottawa’s best population of mature Red Spruce.

Bell Centennial Forest – a White Pine, Hemlock, and Beech forest to rival Gilles Grove – and it’s in Bell’s Corners!

Blom Property – 56 acre property near Mountain, south of Ottawa.

Kemp Woodland – A 9 hectare fairy tale forest of old growth Eastern White Cedar, some over 200 years old, Yellow Birch, and ferns in Stittsville.

Reveler Conservation Area – 99 acre property near Crysler, southeast of Ottawa.

Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre – a 210 hectare property in Cobden with a 50 hectare old growth forest.

Trillium Woods – a Sugar Maple-Beech climax forest in north Kanata.

Ancient Forest Exploration and Research – Visit this web site for information and a map of old growth and mature forests in Ontario and other parts of Canada.  The site is maintained by Mike Henry and Dr. Peter Quinby, authors of Ontario’s Old-Growth Forests:  A Guidebook Complete with History, Ecology, and Maps.

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