Places are notable woodlands worth visiting to see specific species and/or a range of species in special forest ecosystems.  For example, the town of Almonte hosts a significant population of Black Maples as street trees while Trillium Woods in Kanata is a climax forest of Sugar Maple and Beech.

Alan Gordon Acadian Forest – a 145 acre Hemlock-dominated old growth forest at Leitrim and Anderson Roads with Ottawa’s best population of mature Red Spruce.

Bell Centennial Forest – a White Pine, Hemlock, and Beech forest to rival Gilles Grove – and it’s in Bell’s Corners!

Blom Property – 56 acre property near Mountain, south of Ottawa.

Discover the Trees of Carp is an online walking tour in the village of Carp near Ottawa to enjoy and learn about trees.  Created using Google My Maps, the tour shows examples in Carp for a large number of tree species, provides links to learn more, and has a quiz. The tour can be taken without leaving the house, but more will be learned when outside using a smart phone while viewing the trees in person. 

Kemp Woodland – A 9 hectare fairy tale forest of old growth Eastern White Cedar, some over 200 years old, Yellow Birch, and ferns in Stittsville.

Reveler Conservation Area – 99 acre property near Crysler, southeast of Ottawa.

Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre – a 210 hectare property in Cobden with a 50 hectare old growth forest.

Trillium Woods – a Sugar Maple-Beech climax forest in north Kanata.

Ancient Forest Exploration and Research – Visit this web site for information and a map of old growth and mature forests in Ontario and other parts of Canada.  The site is maintained by Mike Henry and Dr. Peter Quinby, authors of Ontario’s Old-Growth Forests:  A Guidebook Complete with History, Ecology, and Maps.

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